ebooks-pageEvery major publishing house is beginning the switch to e-books. Now your customers can download your book as easily as they can download music! E-books account for up to a third of a book’s total sales. Many books are going only digital.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iPhone have opened up digital books to over 100 million people. And more than 1 million e-books are available. Now your book can be alongside all the New York Times best sellers.


An End to Printed Books?

Amazon astounded the publishing industry when it announced that e-books are outselling hardcover books by 50%—they called it a “tipping point.”

This year alone, e-book sales are up over 300%. Every major publisher, including Simon & Schuster, Random House and Time Warner, has gone digital with e-book downloads—just as the music biz has.

Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

The New York Times says e-books are the fastest-growing sector of publishing and are now available to 50+ million iPhone, iPod, iPad, BlackBerry, Mac and PC users.
Fast Company reports that fiction genres such as thrillers, mysteries, suspense, romance and science fiction sell briskly in digital format. Daily Finance declared: “E-book sales explode with month after month of exponential growth.”


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