Regardless of whether you have a fiction or nonfiction manuscript, choosing the right editor can mean the difference between having a book that sells and one that doesn’t.

Too often writers suffer from tunnel vision and can’t see the strengths and weaknesses of their own works. All the authors who top the New York Times best-seller lists work with editors. If the professionals do this, shouldn’t you?

Our editors have worked on manuscripts for major publishers, newspapers andFortune 500 companies. Contact us today at (877) 822-2500 to discuss your project. The initial consultation is absolutely free.


PROOFREADING (2 cents a word)

  • Check spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

BASIC EDITING (4-10 cents a word)

  • Eliminate wordiness and repetition.
  • Check spelling, grammar and punctuation. 


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COMPREHENSIVE EDITING (10-15 cents a word)

  • Evaluate, diagram and analyze your book’s subject matter, plot, character arcs, thematic construction, tone, voice and organization.
  • Fix spelling, grammar and punctuation. 
  • Eliminate wordiness, repetition and unnecessary tangents; smooth out rough transitions and areas that feel choppy or abrupt.

BOOK READ ($500 per 40,000 words)

  • Receive a detailed assessment of your book’s strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement.


Proofreading is essential for any manuscript. The process corrects errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, along with inconsistencies in format, capitalization, etc. It is the least invasive form of editing. You can send us a sample of the writing via e-mail attachment and we can provide you with a price quote.


MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION: This is a quick, market-oriented analysis of your idea, theme, plot. etc. The bottom line here: is your book ready for prime time?

BOOK READ: A book read is a professional editor’s evaluation of the manuscript for writing quality and marketability. It involves no corrections or editing. In our detailed critique of your work, we indicate strengths and weaknesses. This will be given to you in a report that codifies our findings and assessment, including suggestions regarding thematic issues and writing techniques. If you decide to use our editing service for the same work, we will apply 50% of the book read payment toward the price of a full edit. You can send a sample of the writing via e-mail attachment and we can provide you with a price quote.


The cost of your editing is divided into several installments. You approve all material before additional payments are due. At Arbor Services, we’re happy to discuss your book over the phone and give you a free estimate.


A free estimate.
Keep 100% of your book’s rights, profits and royalties.
All promises in writing!
We always work to accommodate your project and budget.


Call us at 877-822-2500 for more information or e-mail (info@arborservices.cous a sample of your manuscript today for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!