publicity-pageWhether you self-publish or try to get picked up by a mainstream publishing house, you alone will ultimately be responsible for garnering publicity and effective marketing. Arbor Services can help you reach hundreds of millions of readers worldwide through TV, cable, radio and all the Internet options, including online media, reviewers, blogs, zines, forums, YouTube, Facebook and more. What’s more, we can steer you to library shows, book fairs, festivals, conventions and other places to promote your book. Arbor Services offers some very effective publicity and marketing options for authors. 

Arbor Services has worked with such advertising and public relations giants as:

  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Stern Advertising
  • Weber Shandwick
  • PainePR
  • and many others

On a broader note: you may already be aware that one of the keys to successful marketing is not necessarily to try pushing the book directly but rather to tie your book in to current events, including utilizing blogs and online media.

Below is a sampling of just some of the marketing services Arbor Services offers. We will tailor a package that works best for you.

  • STANDARD MARKETING: $2,500: send general press release out to 300 interested and relevant media; create public speaker letter; post book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders.
  • ADVANCED MARKETING: $5,000: everything in the Standard Marketing Plan PLUS:
  • An ADDITIONAL 200 contacts (a total of 500 contacts).
  • Promote book to select literary agents and publishers.
  • Promote book to select movie, TV and subsidiary-rights agents.
  • Seek out endorsers for your book.
  • PREMIUM MARKETING: $10,000: everything in the Standard Marketing PlanPLUS:
    • An ADDITIONAL 400 contacts (a total of 700 contacts).
    • Perform ALL follow-up phone calls.
    • Pitch article ideas to trade publications and the media.
    • Create and send out 30 BOUND GALLEYS (these are exact replicas of the finished book in paperback format for promotion, peer review, prepublication reviews and design proofs).
  • INTERNET BLAST: $5,000-$10,000: send out 40 Internet press releases reaching over 4,000 World Wide Web outlets, including search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • TV, RADIO, PRINT MEDIA: $10,500: Arbor Services will make 500 personalized phone calls direct to the media—a very intensive campaign to promote your book directly to TV, radio, newspaper and magazine contacts.
  • PUBLISHERS, HOLLYWOOD: $4,500: Create sell/query letter; contact 150 agents; create book proposal; create 10 bound galleys (additional bound galleys are $20 each).
  • BLOGS: $3,500-5,500: contact and link to blogs. Contact 500 relevant e-zines, blogs and Web sites.  
  • WAL-MART, ETC.: $3,500: promote book to airport outlets and box stores including Costco and Wal-Mart.
  • BOOK CLUBS: $3,500: contact Internet book clubs and reader groups.
  •  LIBRARIES: $4,500: library mailings/flyer program to reach 115,000 branches.
  • ARTICLES: $15,000: create 10 articles for newspapers, e-zines, etc. ($1,500 for each additional article).
  •  REVIEWERS: $3,500: contact national, regional and local reviewers; send out copies of the book and supporting media documents.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING: $5,500: contact potential readers through social media outlets including Facebook and MySpace.